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Body In Balance Integrative Program

The source of your pain and fatigue is different from anyone else’s. Why? Because, all pain—from emotional trauma from living life, chemical trauma from the food we eat to the air we breathe, and physical trauma from illness, accidents, or maybe even from surgery—manifests differently in each of us. That’s why one-size-fits-all approaches often fail.

If you’re ready for an innovative, intuitive approach that takes into account your unique physical, emotional, and chemical challenges, you’ve come to the right place. 

All in THREE easy steps!

  1. We’ll begin with your medical thermography scan of either your WHOLE BODY, TORSO, HEAD, or BREASTS to identify areas of inflammation, congestion, and trauma. Then I’ll employ appropriate therapies based on your areas of concern and what I uncover in your thermography scan and 15-minute doctor findings call.
  2. In subsequent sessions, we’ll continue to work using all three areas of tools and therapies; Lymphatic Balance Method, Craniosacral Therapy, and somatic movement exercises along with posture training.
  3. We will do a follow-up thermography scan of the same area after 6-12 sessions that will be reassessed with the doctor at your findings call. We will then re-assess and make a new plan. Some clients do another round of 6-12 sessions and others come in for quarterly sessions.

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*Only applies to scans by Julie Jetzer and must have had at least six sessions within 6mths since last scan.

Body In Balance

An Integrative Approach

Discover how bringing your body into balance can ease pain and restore wellness throughout the body.

At Body in Balance, I have created an integrative blend of tools and therapies that can not only be felt but seen. 

All four of the below aspects are vital to helping your body, mind and soul to shed hidden inflammation, disorganized muscles and tissues, and restoring natural movements. Helping you emotionally, chemically, and physically have your Body In Balance.


Doing your base Medical Thermography Scan. During your first session, you will enjoy your first Lymphatic Balance Session starting to bring your Body In Balance following your base private medical thermography scan to identify areas of inflammation, congestion, and trauma.


In balancing the Lymphatic System and facia this time in session we will employ different gentle state-of-the-art therapies to start balancing muscles and tissues so the whole-body lymphatic movement throughout your body will start moving with more ease.


Balancing the Nervous System with very gentle bodywork uses light touch to examine membranes in the head and spine around the central nervous system.


Somatic & Posture Training to discover correct posture that leads to a full, restorative breath, and quickly, the pain that has developed from poor posture disappears. Somatic Movements not only help reduce deep seeded tensions, but emotions stored in tissues.

Are you ready to experience relief from pain fueled by physical, emotional, or chemical imbalances?