Each step of the way, Julie will provide you with the tools, knowledge, and specific prenatal bodywork techniques essential to proved long-lasting strength during pregnancy as well as postpartum.  Julie’s goal within this method is to help:

  • Stabilize the core through posture, breath and movements 
  • Create optimal baby positioning through a balanced body 
  • Better movement strategies to build innate strength Providing lasting strength for better recovery from delivery 
  • Reduce or prevent common pregnancy discomforts

The Corrective Core Method was created by Julie Jetzer CPT, LMBT, CST and is not a typical exercise program. It is a  program of connecting you to your prenatal body, one area at a time, building balance and innate body strength and support using multiple muscles instead of just a few. It is creating balance strength without over strengthening.

Julie wants to be there with you in your journey of pregnancy so you can feeling whole, grounded, strong, and balanced with innate core strength. 

The best time to start is right around your second trimester or the beginning of the third trimester, this is the perfect time to start preparing you, and your body for the marathon of labor. If you find us later, that is okay too. We will do what we can to move you forward or you may consider checking out the Belly Balancing Bodywork Therapy on the Therapeutic Bodywork page. The focus there is specific bodywork to relive discomforts and pain pain from pregnancy without any focus on exercise.

Most of us know our posture is not perfect or even not good at all. When our structure is not balanced our muscles are most likely over working or at the beach having a Mai Tai. Creating a new sense of balanced posture will balance a deeper full body breath that will allow these muscles to relax or come back online naturally. Supporting baby up and in your body.

You will feel how the Corrective Core Method works in your body the first day. You need to experience this to understand why it works, you truly have nothing to lose other than not making a change.

Start reconnecting and building innate core strength:

  • Start feeling the difference on the first day. Posture is the starting point of reconnecting to your innate strength. We will send you home with posture resetting tools and exercises so you can continue making the changes you are looking for. You will also receive  specific bodywork during all sessions for balancing tissues. Schedule your 80 minute assessment session down below and complete your intake form.  Session Fee is $145. We do accept HSA, Flex Spending, or any major credit cards so have that ready when you schedule.

  • Once you and Julie feel this program is the perfect fit for you, the next step is to schedule your follow up 50 minute session which will be moving you forward onto the pelvic floor or the core, based on your needs.  This program is custom to fit you, and your lifestyle not you scheduling around exercises.  Clients that come in weekly for the first four weeks progress the fastest. This is because we are working with neurologically retraining and strengthen communication through the exercises and specific bodywork. Per session rate is $100.

  • Buy a prepaid follow-up sessions package of 3 follow-up sessions and save 10%.

  • Areas of focus within the Corrective Core Method are posture, breath, the core, the pelvic floor, hip stabilization, gluts, shoulder stabilization in turn creates a whole body connection at the end. 

Corrective Core Method program has videos you may review at home covering important key tools and the exercises covered in person. some of these tools cover a better full body breathing method that reducing stress and relaxing tight tissues from the inside out. Innate core activating movement exercises for balancing tissues and resetting a more neutral posture, and igniting innate strength exercises so the changes you are making become a part of you. 

You will receive these each step of the way so you have them to review and keep moving your forward.

Once the core and pelvic floor are supporting you and baby we will move onto hip stabilization, our powerful movers, the gluts and lastly our shoulders so you have more mobility to carry your new bundle of joy.


Corrective Core Method promotes PROPER BABY ALIGNMENT...

Proper baby alignment is essential for the marathon of labor, delivery, and recovery. Proper baby alignment comes with a stable core, balanced fascia, and balanced ligaments.

 Did you know?

Improper baby alignment may increase the possibility of your baby being in a Breech presentation or stall labor due to the baby not being able to channel into the birth canal. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the program different from others?


The Corrective Core Method is specific for pregnancy and postpartum. This program is neurological and neuromuscular driven.  It utilizes the brain-body connection; the way your nervous system controls your body. This physiology allows independent interventions of new strategies and concepts. 

The week by week approach introduces new concepts one at a time. Thus your body may naturally get closer to homeostasis (self-healing) balance. A balanced body makes space for the growing baby or rebalances the organs after the baby has been born.  

This program will help you discover yourself through sensing. You will make small changes to your posture, breath, and movements to balance the body and ignite your innate strength. This will carry into your daily life; postpartum fitness lasting a lifetime. 


Who is this program for?


Anyone desiring the best pregnancy or postpartum possible. You don’t know what to do or where to start. You want your body back with less pain and more strength.  

Mothers wanting to improve the environment and space for babies to grow also benefit. This program helps them provide the most optimal care they can give.  

Clients need to be clear for exercise. They must attend scheduled prenatal or postpartum appointments with their primary caregiver.


Who is this program not for?


This program is not for anyone not cleared for exercise and/or bodywork by their care provider. This program does not work for individuals not motivated to make changes.

It is not for those looking for a diagnosis or prescription of any kind, looking for medical advice, or looking for rehab of a current injury. Mothers not receiving prenatal care from a care provider are not fit for the program.


When should I start this program?


The prenatal program introduces you to new areas of your body. Starting the six-week program between 20 to 30 weeks of gestation would be best so you don’t feel rushed. The online program presents new material weekly.

The postpartum program introduces areas of your body that need time to reconnect and make changes. Do not start the program until you are clear for exercise and bodywork. The online program presents new material weekly.


Do I have to do the online platform?


The Corrective Core Method online platform is where you will learn how to make changes in your posture, breath, and movement. These are self-paced exercises to learn before seeing Julie in person. Sessions with Julie will focus on building on your independent practice. 

If you are looking for specific Prenatal or Postpartum Bodywork or are past 30 weeks, please visit the CCM Bodywork Therapy Page. There you will find two-hour full bodywork therapy sessions for your care.


Is this for first time moms only?


No; this program is for all medically stable pregnancies no matter how many pregnancies you have had in the past.


Who is a better fit for the online program vs. working in-person with Julie in conjunction with the online program?


Everyone who is self-motivated and cleared for exercise. Working with Julie in conjunction with the online program provides the complete program. She can assess your needs. 

The Corrective Core Method Bodywork is very important to balance the soft tissue, fascia, and muscles. This allows the entire body to relax, release, and reset the neuromuscular system. Thus your body will better accept the changes practiced at home.


Do you take insurance?


Julie Jetzer is a Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist and Certified Personal Trainer. We accept HSA for in-person packages and sessions. Inquire if your HSA covers the online Corrective Care Method exercise-only program.  

We are not listed as a provider with insurance companies. We are happy to supply a statement, upon request, that you can file with your insurance for possible reimbursement. We will not respond to insurance companies requests to fill out or submit any paperwork, or breakdown of session details.


Can I bring my other children to my sessions?


Little ones that are breastfeeding are welcome. Coming to the session solo is preferable. This allows the whole session to focus on working with you and attending to your needs. Bringing your little one may reduce the amount of work we accomplish during your session. This could extend the number of sessions you require.

Clients are often scheduled back to back and sessions need to end on time to respect the next client’s time. Consider KidTime Drop-In Center about 3 miles away as a childcare option. 


What can I expect from my in-person session with Julie?


The Corrective Core Method Bodywork Therapy is a very important piece of the process. Sessions with Julie are the perfect opportunity to collaborate and connect the dots from your health history to your current situation. Together you will begin a plan to reach your goal.  

Bodywork is different from a massage. We use very little or no oil/lotion, you remain fully dressed, and some of the time we ask you to make small movements to assist in tension release.  

From start to finish you will be an active part of your care process. During sessions you will move around. Please bring or wear yoga type or loose-fitting clothing. A sports bra will allow your belly (lower rib cage – below your waistline) to be accessible. Dresses, skirts, jeans, or short shorts are not advisable.   


How long are the sessions?


We schedule Corrective Core Method Therapy sessions for 90 minutes. They run 80 minutes to allow time to clean the office and not have clients overlap. 


What happens in the sessions?


The sessions assess your home practice and introduce changes or additions to exercises. They include bodywork to continue to balance all the systems.

The more you engage with the online platform and practice the material before your in-person session, the quicker your body will evolve. You will be reviewing material with Julie in person versus learning something new.  Julie does make modifications as needed based on what is being presented by your body at that time. For modifications not included in the online platform, Julie will record the new movement with your phone so you have a copy to practice from at home.


What if I want more sessions or want to continue to work with Julie in my postpartum time?


Sometimes it does take more than four sessions to get where you want to be. Everyone starts with a different history and lifestyle. To encourage continued care, Julie will issue a coupon code so you can see her at a discounted rate for as long as you wish. 


I want to work in-person with Julie, but I’m not sure that I want to get into the full program. What are my options?


That’s fine too. Some people only need one or two therapy sessions to feel the difference. The Assessment/Treatment session includes Module One of the online training. Request a $50 Coupon Code to access the other Modules in the Online platform. You can schedule follow-up sessions one at a time.  


Why are there three sessions after the Assessment/Treatment session?


Over her years of working with prenatal and postpartum clients, Julie has seen a lot. She developed the Corrective Core Method Program based on what she has seen works best, saves the most money, and allows a payment option.


I want to work in-person with Julie, but I live far away. What can I do?


Julie has had clients travel up to 6 hours to work with her in-person. If you are over a 90-minute drive, the best fit would be the Corrective Core Method – Intensive. Start with the online platform followed by two 45-minute Zoom sessions to collaborate, assess, and develop a plan for your goals. Finish with an extended in-person session of three hours. 


What if I change my mind?


You have three (3) days after the purchase of any Corrective Core Method program to cancel for refund minus the credit card transaction fees. After the three (3) day period, there are no refunds unless you are medically unable to continue.

Julie will review medical cancellation requests within five (5) working days after receiving the request. Requests must include a letter from the Medical Doctor on letterhead stating the reason the program is medically harmful.