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Corrective Core Method for Men/Women/Teens

The Corrective Core Method is not a typical exercise program. It is a  program designed to connect you to your body, one area at a time, building balance and innate body strength and support using multiple muscles as opposed to just a few.

Strengthening Our Core

Connecting with the core and pelvic floor we start with posture and breath. After the core and pelvic floor start gaining strength we will move forward to building stability within the hips and gluts. This are is very important to stabilize so the core and back do not get overworked.  We will then move onto the shoulder complex.

Who Can Benefit

If you have have any of the following: Pelvic floor tightness or weakness, Before and/or after abdominal or back surgery, Discomfort or pain in the low back, shoulders, hips, SI joints, Minor incontinence, Heaviness or pressure feeling in the pelvis, Weak core and/or Diastasis Recti, Feeling disconnected from your body, The belly bump months or years after delivery, Wanting to connect to your body before conceiving, Before getting a “Mommy’s Make-offer”, People with desk jobs, Men, women of all ages, and teens that are athletes wanting to level up, Anyone looking for something that works and want to make a change for themselves that will last a lifetime… you can benefit from the Corrective Core Method.