About Julie Jetzer


Julie Jetzer, Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist LMBT #17706, Certified Personal Trainer. Looking at her clients needs through both of those platforms has allowed the creation of Corrective Core Method and Baby Balance Method.

Women’s focused areas are the pelvic floor, core, breasts, bellies, and babies. Pre and post surgery therapies, corrective exercises, posture retraining, regulating the body’s systems. 

Julie’s mission is to clinically support women and babies through specific therapies by restoring balance in their tissues, nervous systems, and bodies. Her specialized expertise combined with her energizing personality provides an exceptional environment for healing.

Customizing to your needs, Julie targets physical imbalances with movement, breathing, exercise and specialized therapies and bodywork techniques. 

With over 18 advanced training programs and certifications, Julie has created different platforms to serve women with their breast wellness, core & pelvic floor, along with working with babies.

The support, information, innate self-healing tools, and specific therapeutic techniques that Julie provides, allows clients to better understand their bodies, be empowered, and re-balance their lives in order to be better for their families and themselves.

Curious about the types of advanced bodywork Julie has trained in? Click on the below links for more information:

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