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What is a Medical Thermography Scan?

Our focus is helping your body move into a more balanced state. The use of a thermography scan determines where your body is out of balance.

No one is completely symmetrical, meaning perfectly balanced on both sides of the body; however, the more symmetrical you are, the more likely you will be in balance. The scan analyzes the temperatures and compares them from one side to the other. What does that mean?

Heat or cold that is not almost equal to the temperature of the other side of the body indicates something out of balance.

Excessive heat (marked by red on the scan) indicates possible infection, fibrocystic disease, mastitis, varicosities, metabolic factors, and/or a blood flow of tumor growth. Excessive cold (marked by dark blue on the scan) indicates possible cysts, trauma, necrosis of tissue, implants, benign masses (Lipoma), and/or sympathetic nerve pathology.

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1. Get Your Base Scan

We always start with a base scan. Medical Thermography uses an infrared camera that works its wonders without any radiation, capturing the body's heat energy and transforming it into a visual masterpiece. Typically, I recommend a full-body scan, but if you’re having a specific complaint about your head, breasts, or torso, we can start with a partial scan.

2. Receive Your Thermography Scan Report

You will receive your Medical Thermography scan report within 1-2 weeks and a link to schedule your 15-minute findings call with Dr. Troy Eden. We can also forward your report to your referring health provider.

3. Start Balancing

Once we have your report back and you have had your findings call, together we can create your program of sessions and self-care education to do at home.

4. Get Your Follow-Up Scan

After you complete your custom therapy (both in the clinic and at home), we'll take a second scan. These before-and-after images help us decide if you need more therapy and/or if we need to include additional health providers. You'll be amazed by your progress and motivated to continue your wellness journey.

These before-and-after images are only 3 months apart (6 sessions).

How does Thermography work?

Modern thermologists use digital cameras that record infrared radiation emitted by the human body and convert them into temperature readings and plot them on a computer screen. Thermologists are then able to identify areas of hot and cold in relation to the opposite side of the body. Areas with decreased blood flow will have colder temperature readings, and areas of increased blood flow will have warmer temperature readings.

What can a thermography detect?

Thermography picks up skin surface temperatures on the human body that can be used for analysis by a trained thermologist. Any disease process that emits heat or decreases circulation can often be detected through infrared thermal imaging. The FDA has cleared the following as adjunctive screening methods with thermography:

Breast Cancer
Thyroid Pathology
Cerebrovascular Health
Neuro-muscular Pathology

Breast tumors and some other tumors can be found on thermal imaging through the process known as angioneogenesis, the formation of new blood vessels that supply nutrients to a tumor. This asymmetric increase in blood flow creates an increase in temperature that can be picked up by medical thermal cameras. Many times this blood supply increases over time as a tumor grows. Thermography is an important part of baseline studies and helps identify a tumor at the earliest possible moment. Image by

What to Expect

At your appointment, you will be asked to disrobe behind a privacy curtain where you will stand in front of the thermographic camera. Thermography can only be utilized without clothing, as clothing prevents temperature readings of the skin’s surface. I make every effort to respect your privacy and comfort by using privacy screens.

Once positioned behind the camera, you will undergo a 10-15 minute acclimation process. This involves relaxing while your body gets accustomed to the room’s temperature. This guarantees that the temperature readings are accurate and not affected by factors such as tight bra straps, clothing, outside weather, and other factors that cause temporary increases or decreases in surface temperature.

Once acclimated, I will ask you to move in certain positions in front of the thermal camera in order to get the specific images needed for the focus grouping, ranging from 628 images for the full body. This process will only take a few minutes after which you will start your Lymphatic Bodywork Session for the remainder of the session time.

 I am not qualified to read your thermal images or give you any information or advice regarding them. You will not get your results at the time of the thermography appointment as the images taken will need to be analyzed and interpreted by physicians. 

Within 1-2 weeks of the scan, you will receive an email with the results of your scan and a link to schedule an appointment for your 15-minute consultation with Dr. Troy Eden from the thermography center. 

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