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Prenatal Corrective Core Method

The Corrective Core Method was created by Julie Jetzer CPT, LMBT, CST and is not a typical exercise program. It is a  program of connecting you to your prenatal body, one area at a time, building balance and innate body strength and support using multiple muscles instead of just a few. It is creating balance strength without over strengthening.

Julie wants to be there with you in your journey of pregnancy so you can feeling whole, grounded, strong, and balanced with innate core strength.

The CCM is a great fit for someone 20-33 weeks pregnant.  If you are past 33 weeks pregnant the BELLY BALANCING SESSION is a much better fit.  Supports tight tissues causing pregnancy pain along with balancing body and belly for better baby alignment. Also great for after 39 weeks to encouraging labor

When Should I Start

The best time to start is right around your second trimester or the beginning of the third trimester, this is the perfect time to start preparing you, and your body for the marathon of labor. If you find us later, that is okay too. We will do what we can to move you forward or you may consider checking out the Belly Balancing Bodywork Therapy on the Therapeutic Bodywork page. The focus there is specific bodywork to relive discomforts and pain pain from pregnancy without any focus on exercise.

Feel the Difference

You will feel how the Corrective Core Method works in your body the first day. You need to experience this to understand why it works, you truly have nothing to lose other than not making a change.