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Corrective Core Method

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Two different programs with one especially designed for Prenatal or Postpartum times.

Three different levels of training.

The Corrective Core Method is not your typical exercise program. It’s a program that connects you to your body, one area at a time. In this way, you’re able to build balance and innate body support using many muscles instead of just a few. The goal is for these changes to become a part of you, so you move through life with function & strength.

Let’s face it – very few of us have great, or even good, posture. And when our structure is not balanced, our muscles tend to overwork themselves. A new sense of balanced posture creates the space for a deeper full-body breath, which allows these overworked muscles to relax and come back in tune naturally.

We will start with posture & breath to stabilize the body with movements. Guiding you to find and connecting to your core and pelvic floor muscles, building a relationship before we add strength. It’s hard to gain strength in muscles if we don’t know how to find and activate them. 

You will feel the results of the Corrective Core Method at work in your body from the very first day! 

Clients with the following complaints benefited:

  • Pelvic floor tightness or weakness
  • Pain after abdominal or back surgery
  • Discomfort or pain in the low back, shoulders, hips, SI joints
  • Minor incontinence
  • Heaviness or pressure feeling in the pelvis
  • Weak core and/or Diastasis Recti
  • Feeling disconnected from their body after pregnancy’s
  • The belly bump a year or more after delivery
  • Wanting to connect to your body before conceiving
  • Before getting a “Mommy’s Make-offer” surgery
  • Anyone looking for something that works and want to make a change for themselves that will last a lifetime… you can benefit from the Corrective Core Method


The Corrective Core Method is a program designed to connect you to your body, one area at a time. While truly appropriate for anyone seeking better stability and strength, this method is best suited to those experiencing a period of growth or change in their body. For example, before and after abdominal or back surgery, when wanting to connect better with your post-natal body, or during normal transitions like the teen and menopausal years. The Corrective Core Method is here for you as you grow your natural stability and support.

Prenatal Corrective Core

Developed by Julie, the Prenatal Corrective Core Method underscores the importance of connecting with your growing and changing prenatal body. Learn to balance and support yourself with innate body strength and many muscles (not just a few) during this incredible developmental journey. The perfect time to start is between week 20 - 30. We can still support you after week 30 with the Belly Balancing Session. Were we have helped reduce prenatal discomforts, balanced tissues that allows more space for baby, and after week 39 relaxing the body to help ease into labor.