breast and abdominal lymphatic drainage

breast and abdominal lymphatic drainage - a therapeutic effect on a woman’s whole body wellness

Julie is a Certified Manual Lymphatic Therapist, MLD-C and in LET Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy, she combines both therapies 

These sessions focus on the breasts, rib cage, shoulders, neck, and abdominals. Each session is designed specifically for you and your goals.

Receiving Breast and Body Balance Therapy should be a top priority for:
  • Pre and post breast lift and/or reduction procedures
  • Registering heat in a Thermography Scan
  • Have dense and/or fibrous breast tissue
  • Pre and post explants procedures
  • Pre and post Augmentation procedures
  • Post surgical cancer recovery
  • Wellness and balancing of the breast tissue
  • Lactating women with or without blocked milk ducts and/or mastitis 
  • Before Breast Cancer surgery (with Dr permission)
  • During Breast Cancer treatments (with Dr permission)

Through evaluation of the whole body Julie will be able to add other therapies into your session based on what is revealed.


Since breast don’t have muscles they can not move without outside forces, meaning breasts do not typically receive enough movement. Muscles throughout our body help to move fluid throughout the lymphatic system (our body’s garbage collector) through good posture, full body breathing, movement, exercise, and massage. 

Without movement to facilitate this process the body can become overtaxed with toxins and stagnation, this can cause dysfunctions due to the lack of lymph draining. Fortunately, Breast Balancing Therapy and self-breast massage can enable a person to stimulate the process. Need support during the challenges of breast cancer? You are not alone.  Julie is a Certified KICKPINK Practitioner.



Assessment sessions run 80 minutes with a rate of $145.00.

Follow-up sessions run 50-minute with a  rate of $100.

Buy a prepaid package of 3 and save 10%. May be purchased at any session.

Call or text 980-434-6770 to speak with Julie.  

We accept HSA and FLEX Spending payments along with all major credit cards.  We are considered out of network and do not accept insurance.