Belly Balancing Bodywork

Belly Balancing Bodywork is a noninvasive, fully dressed, soft tissue therapy that may correct babies’ positioning that is discovered to be unfavorable during pregnancy. When we discover that our little one is not in an optimal position (i.e Breech/transverse) we can be faced with many scary scenarios, belly balancing helps provide an gentle option for relaxing tension that maybe causing limits of babies’ space. Sometimes all it takes to reposition baby is making space by balancing your muscles, tissues, joints, and ligaments.

Some of the areas of the body Julie focuses balance is the hips, pelvis, abdominal region, rib cage, and shoulders helping discomforts of pregnancy relax away.

Tissue re-balancing helps your body create an optimal chance for natural labor engagement. Julie understands the stress of providers suggesting inductions and epidurals, experiencing minimal labor progression, or even facing possible cesarean, so she offers a Delivery Prep acupressure as a solution if you are at or over 39 weeks gestation.

By combining all concepts, your muscles will relax and allow you to have more balanced tissue for a better birth experience.

Julie cannot guarantee that you will go into labor before your induction date, or guarantee that your baby will shift, but it’s a gentle way to try. 

This session is for low-risk pregnancies that are at or past 20 weeks gestation. This session is 100% tissue work and there is no exercise covered. However, posture, breath, and using certain muscles for movement help so these topics will be discusses and shown during this session so you will have tools to continue at home.

 If you are past your First Trimester and are looking for more support than tissue release please view the Corrective Core Method – Prenatal page for more information. 

One- hour session – Rate $100

90 minute session – Rate $145

We accept HSA and FLEX Spending payments along with all major credit cards, and checks. We are considered out of network and do not accept or file insurance. 

Call or text 980-434-6770 to schedule.  At our Huntersville location on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Coming in May Julie will be in Cornelius, NC on Tuesday and Thursday. 

This session is fully dressed, for your comfort please wear or bring yoga type pants and a sports bra allowing accessibility to the abdominal area.