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A different approach has been created so tissues can be released from tightness, inflammation and pain stemming from unreleased tensions and toxins along with physical & emotional traumas stuck in the body. 

My mission is to inspire women to feel connected to their body, mind, and spirit, and to empower abundant living through education, therapies, and health.

Julie Jetzer LMBT NC 17066, MLD, CST, CPT, CHC


Many people turn to Julie for help alleviate pain resulting from new or old forgotten injuries, swelling, scars or chronic conditions. Some of the main techniques that Julie uses in client include L.E.T Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy, PHIT Modality Light Therapy, Near Infrared Light Therapy, Biomagnetic Pairing Therapy, Breath Training, Corrective Exercises, Manual Lymphatic Massage, myofascial release, and trigger point therapy that can help release tension and reduce pain in the muscles and other soft tissues.

  • Improved flexibility and mobility: Neuro-stretching can help improve joint flexibility, muscle elasticity, and overall range of motion.
  • Stress reduction: All these therapies often promote relaxation and stress relief, reduce cortisol (the stress hormone) levels while increasing the production of feel-good hormones like serotonin and dopamine. This can help improve mood and overall mental well-being.
  • Swelling reduction: All these techniques can help increase lymphatic & blood flow improving circulation. Better circulation can promote more efficient oxygen and nutrient delivery to muscles and other tissues, leading to faster recovery and improved overall health.
  • Enhanced immune system function: Regular lymphatic and tissue balancing therapies can help boost the immune system by reducing stress, improving circulation, and stimulating the lymphatic system. Lymphatic drainage techniques can help remove waste products and toxins from the body, promoting better overall health and resilience.
  • Improved posture and body awareness: Posture Training and corrective exercises for the body’s core can help correct imbalances and improve posture by releasing tight muscles, retraining the body to maintain proper alignment, and increasing awareness of body mechanics. This can lead to better overall function and reduced strain on muscles and joints. Changing patterns of overuse naturally rebalancing tissues.
  • Injury prevention and recovery: Regular therapy can help identify and address potential sources of pain or injury before they become serious problems or cause bad movement patterns. By working on tight or imbalanced muscles, these therapies can help prevent injuries and also speed up the recovery process after an injury.
  • Emotional well-being: Most of these therapies, such as craniosacral therapy and somatic experiencing, focus on the connection between the body and emotions. These approaches can help release emotional tension stored in the body and promote emotional healing. When we experience an injury in the tissues while

Our bodies create compensation patterns from old trauma, physical and/or emotional.  Releasing these traumas and reprograming movement patterns will bring you and your body closure to finding your self-healing potential. 

The word trauma doesn’t always have to be taken to the extreme. Let’s say you are walking down the sidewalk and received a message that was emotionally distressful. Your body is reacting to this emotional distress while miss-stepping, twisting your ankle.  This is my definition of physical and emotional trauma that is now stuck in those tissues causing inflammation, pain, a new walking pattern, etc. These traumas can stay in your tissues until they are released.  Offer the time of our and our baby’s journey in life whether long or short as in the case of your baby these traumas are causing dysfunction.  

You are a big part of your journey, your change, your wellness, and igniting your innate strength and wellness.

Receiving, gentle therapies balances tissues, reducing body tension in turn giving your more mobility, stimulating your natural immune system the lymphatic system, all while reducing stress and strain in the physical body, and gaining structural stability. This is all part of the journey of taking your power back and finding your self-healing potential.

Giving you tools to help yourself along the way will continue moving you and your body forward into self-healing.


When you AND your body are a part of the same team, miracles can take place allowing the hands-on therapy to move you forward and deeply balance your tissues instead of starting right back to where you were. Plus, when you learn how to have your posture in neutral you will start using the correct muscles without really thinking about it. Stopping overuse of muscles and incorporating other muscles that have been stuck. When our posture is aligned our breath is easily deeper and larger, our immune system can ignite, our stress hormones can reduce, our tissues can relax, and our emotions can settle. 

Or worse, you don’t change your posture and feel more stressed, more pain, and more frustrated with a feeling of no hope!

Symptoms of pain, inflammation, and stress could be caused by bad posture and physical and/or emotional trauma causing compensation patterns. Compensation patterns are learned, programmed postures or movements that stay in our bodies after physical or emotional trauma.
When we sit or stand with poor posture we have short, shallow breathing patterns which increase our stress hormones, cortisol. Slows down our immune system “the lymphatic flow” causing inflammation throughout our body, and lastly, our deepest core muscles and pelvic floor muscles are at the beach on vacation! 
My mission is to inspire women to feel connected to their body, mind, and spirit, and to empower abundant living through education, therapies, and health.

I empower women to take their power back and empower others through natural health and self-care education and advocacy.

The combined therapies in these sessions are a unique blend due to the different parts of health that are being affected. These are some of the many tools Julie brings to the table during a session.

  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage
  • Craniosacral Therapy
  • Visceral Manipulation
  • Corrective Core Method -Core & Pelvic Floor 
  • Somatic Movement Therapy
  • Biochemical Applied Kinesiology
  • L.E.T. Lymphatic Enhance Therapy
  • Posture Form to Function Training
  • Biomagnetic Pairing Therapy
  • Baby Balancing Method
  • Rhythmic Movement Therapy
  • Scar / Fascia Release Therapy

It doesn't matter if we are one day old or 100 years old, we have imbalances structurally, chemically, and emotionally.

We all have different life journeys; our pasts and our beginnings create imbalances. Julie listens to each client’s goals whether an infant, teen, or adult, and approached each session individually to support their needs. Always start with teaching tools, you can do outside of sessions to move forward.

The goal here with Julie is to create a bond between you and your body. Julie can help you feel balanced and amazing in your body today but when you go right back into the world with compensating patterns you are going to go right back to where you started. 

Isn’t it time for something different?


Who is the perfect fit for this work?  These sessions are a perfect fit for you when you are ready to take charge of being a part of your wellness, lower pain, lower stress, and improve your immunity with guidance through the journey. 

Who is not a good fit for this work? Someone wanting a quick fix or doesn’t want to support themselves outside of sessions.

Will insurance cover these sessions? We do not file insurance but can take HSA payments. 

What type of clients does Julie typically work with? Julie does see mostly women and infants. Yes, she does work with men, mostly spouses, and partners of her female clients. When life partners are both individually seeing Julie, they support each other with the learned tools and usually have amazing results.

  • Pre-conception Body Prep
  • Prenatal Body Balancing
  • Corrective Core Method
  • Abdominal Issues
  • Scar Release
  • Cronic Pain
  • Breast Inflammation
  • Body Inflammation 
  • Regulation / Vertigo / Brain Fog
  • Somatic and Corrective Exercise

Structural imbalance can create health problems in many ways especially when our muscular system is stressed. These imbalances can come in a form of skull imbalance, muscle imbalance, poor posture, scars, and many more. Physical injuries, surgery, or trauma in life also affect our structure if they are left unaddressed over time. The biggest structural imbalance we see daily in our practice is POSTURE. Our posture can make or break us. Once our posture is balanced it can help to restore the structural imbalance by improving the nervous system, increasing the ease of breath, reducing our stress hormone, cortisol, and melting tightness or discomfort. This is why we teach a neutral and balanced posture and give corrective exercise recommendations, it helps to build structural stability by reducing compensation patterns that cause structural imbalances. 

Receiving tissue, and fascia work is a large part of the physical balancing. However, without trying to change the compensation patterns that are creating hyperreactivity in the body the imbalances will return.


 It basically represents the wellness or balance of an “inner body”. It is largely influenced by our Ph balance from what we eat for nutrition, what we put in our body rather than its medication or substances, and the environment around us. An imbalance in biochemical and Ph levels of health gives rise to systemic symptoms like allergies, inflammation, high blood pressure, etc. Also, an improper or unbalanced nutrition supply puts stress and strain on organs, tissues, and glands. 

 Achieving good Somatic balance is very important because ultimately conscious and sub-conscious minds are what drive the body to act and behave. Our emotions or traumas can get trapped in tissue by guarding or tightening to protect us during a physical or non-physical injury. Balancing tissues through Somatic Movements, Craniosacral Therapy, and Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy will help the tissue own the changes and release held trauma.


Discover the Holistic Self-Care System for naturally supporting abundant health. These essential wellness steps are supported by both ancient wisdom and modern scientific research. These Holistic Self-Healing Potential Trainings will teach you how to inspire wellness lifestyles through simple daily healthy changes. The foundation is our posture. When our posture is not it a neutral position our posture can make or break us. When our posture isn't in neutral our back muscles will over work, our breath in our upper chest increasing stress hormones, our immune system and digestion struggles, and we feel pain or tightness throughout our body.

One on One Sessions

A team approach, building continuity between you and your body. these sessions are based on what your body is asking for. They are all gentle, pain free, manual, non-invasive therapies. A perfect blend of so many amazing therapies Julie adds to our sessions such as Craniosacral Therapy (CST), Biochemical Applied Kinesiology, Biomagnetic Pair Therapy, Lymphatic Therapy, Posture Training, Somatic Exercise, to name a few. Julie will utilize these therapies in each session based on what your body is asking for. Balancing the body through therapy and learning how to break compensation patterns and emotions causing tightness in our bodies.

Baby Balance Method

This very gentle and loving therapy helps provide balance and realignment throughout your baby's body therefore, your baby becomes calmer, less tense, has improved jaw and tongue mobility which typically improves breastfeeding. Julie will relieve pain and dysfunction, as well as improve whole-body health and performance. Painful Latching or fighting bottle feeding, Vomiting / Spitting up, Torticollis or favors turning to one direction. Seems uncomfortable in their body. Colic / Reflux, Lip and/or Tongue Tied, Constipation, and Misshapen head

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